Aloe Aloe

end of May 2013

end of May 2013

Well, the aloes are out, so it’s nearly time to leave. The house is rented, the furniture is given away, the visas are (nearly) all stamped and we are so amped to depart. This Friday is the kids’ last day at school, and we are preparing to do the press launch of the Africa Clockwise adventure ahead of World Environment Day next week. Fingers crossed the DRC and Congolese visas come through as speedily as the Angolan ones did, thanks to the charm of Mishqah at Visa Express – then we can finally stop talking about this and just GO!

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2 Responses to Aloe Aloe

  1. Paul Sampson says:

    Stoked on this news bro! You have to promise to keep in touch as much as you can! xx

  2. Mahmood Surtie says:

    Wish you the best of luck. Had I known earlier my wife and I would have joined you. We are planning a trip through Africa and beyond.
    Mahmood Surtue

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