Sandown Save The Day

Sampson with Deon and Raynard from Sandown Mercedes

Sampson with Deon and Raynard from Sandown Mercedes

On Friday, Sampson went to Sandown Mercedes truck dealership in Montague Gardens to get Big Reg looked over on the way to the roadworthy, and they discovered a very small oil leak that turned out to be a bolt which broke off when they tried to tighten it. Thank goodness it happened here rather than somewhere in the middle of the Namib desert as it meant stripping the PTO off the gearbox and replacing  it with a cover plate – a five hour job. We’re now 30kg lighter and much safer, with a well protected sealed gearbox. Sandown generously sponsored all labour costs plus oil for the gear box and top of the range synthetic oil for the engine, a saving to us of approximately R5000! That’s a make-or-break gesture in this month where we’ve already had to shell out a frightening amount for visas, carnet and dollars with the rand at a 4 year low…

Heartfelt thanks to Sandown manager Raynard, workshop foreman Bernard and workshop manager Trevor, who also donated an original Mercedes engine manual to the cause. Fingers crossed we can now get through the roadworthy and get out of here next week!

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2 Responses to Sandown Save The Day

  1. Roger Ford says:

    Hi Mark. Hope all goes well on your adventure, your home looks fantastic! We met you and Sam in the Noordhoek shopping center carpark in February while fetching our motorhome. We will be following your blog enthusiastically. Our one year trip around Southern Africa starts in September. Enjoy! Roger and Letitia.

    • Thanks so much Roger – Big Reg certainly isn’t as plush as your brand new motorhome, but he’s comfortable and doesn’t show the dirt so easily! (Vital with kids…). So glad to hear about your trip – keep us posted.

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