14 Responses to From Monrovia With Love

  1. Keith says:

    Your comments at the end are heartbreaking. I have a better view of what is happening there now than any news I’ve read. I’ve been lucky to do a little 4×4 in West Africa but never had the chance to do the trip you are. I’ve loved reading you and your wife’s stories for months now. I don’t know if there is so much bad in some places of the world right now that we’ve lost focus on the horrors of the pandemic. I hope so much somehow the west can start to help find they ways to stop this. I can’t wait for your good news that you and your family are back in Liberia and continuing on your journey.

  2. John and Jill Pearce says:

    Phew sometime on your own!!! As i comment you are back in the UK. When I started reading this blog I assumed Sam had written it the style not being that different!!

  3. spencerjude says:

    Brilliant post Mark. Glad you are back though, I’m been worried for you for a long time.xxx

  4. Jonny says:

    Written with a big heart. Thank you.

  5. Chris Moore & Kelsey Egan says:

    Hi Mark,
    Shoooo!I would love to put your post onto the Scenic South website. I have been wondering how you have all been affected by the Ebola outbreak and hoping that you are all safely out of its way. May have I have your permission to do so? Love to you all. Glad you are safe and soon to be re-united. I must catch up with the rest of your news.I thought that I would have so much time on my hands after we moved from Fish Hoek to Stanford 4 months ago … serious misapprehension!
    Warm regards

    • Go ahead Viv. I know the feeling, thought I would have so much spare time once en route in the truck to catch up with all sorts including learning the bass guitar I have had hanging from the ceiling since we set off… fat chance!!! Sam xxx

  6. Nic Davis says:

    So glad to hear that you’re all safe. Beautifully written post Mark. Love to the whole family from us all here in the ‘hoek! Strength to Liberians and others hit by this cruel epidemic – hope they get it under control very bloody soon. xx

  7. Sue says:

    Hi Samson,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your family’s blog and am hoping that you will be able to complete your journey sometime in the future.
    I met your in laws in Fishoek in January as the friend I was travelling with (Kay) is a friend of theirs from Spain. We had a wonderful day with them – in their home and at Cape Point, so it has been extra special to me – feeling as if I know you all!!
    Best of luck in England – we have had a wonderful Summer as you know, so am hoping you will enjoy at least a bit of warmth in September.
    Please give my regards to Carol and Rob.

  8. Darren Byrne says:

    Well done Mark!!!!!

  9. Peter Becalick says:

    It’s great that you are raising the profile of all the people suffering in west Africa. Glad you are safe back in Cornwall though and can show your family your favourite surf spots! Hopefully you will be able to continue your journey soon.

    Take Care mate,

  10. Sarah says:

    Mark and Sam, Ruby and Zola. what a story. what an experience. I have goosebumps and a sad heart. I am so glad you are all ok. Thank you for sharing this post and the one that Sam writes next about life in the UK. what a world of stark contrasts. It is time for things to change. love and light to you all.

  11. May the lord be with you all and have bleeing day and also have secces in what u will do!!

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