We Interrupt This Blog To Bring You….

Happy New Year from the Sampson family.

Family Sampson selfie in Giza, Dec 2017

If you would like to understand why I keep falling behind with this blog, what ‘relapse’ means to me and how I become too weak to write, please join us in the Big Green Truck this Friday 5th Jan to watch the film UNREST, which recently made the documentary shortlist for the Oscars. Our virtual House Party screening is part of the Time for Unrest global initiative to raise awareness about M.E.

I fell ill in 1992, after contracting dysentery while travelling in Asia post-glandular fever during my final year at Oxford. I was diagnosed with M.E. a year later by a reluctant GP who could find no other explanation for my bizarre range of debilitating symptoms. I spent 2 years mostly bedridden, and couldn’t work full time for another 4 years. I was strongest in my early thirties, but only held down a job by careful management of my work/rest ratio and a strict diet: no alcohol, no caffeine, no gluten, no sugar, no processed foods. Giving birth nearly killed me, as those of you who ever heard my husband’s amusing comedy routine about haemorraging on the sofa may remember. And I am one of the lucky ones: 25% of people with M.E. never make it out of their darkened bedrooms.

If you ever wondered why I came to South Africa in the first place, why I didn’t pursue my career in comedy/carnival/academia, why I abandoned eMzantsi life to travel Africa Clockwise with a kitchen and a bed in tow – I hope watching UNREST might help explain and excuse my absences.

I haven’t seen the film yet, and I fear that even this revealing glimpse into the lives of people with M.E. is limited to the view of a privileged minority who have enough energy and resources to make movies about it. But nevertheless it is a huge achievement and a massive step forward for the ‘Millions Missing’ who continue to suffer from invisible illnesses and the stigma around them. If you can, pledge to download a digital copy and join the Sampsons, who will be watching somewhere in Egypt at 7pm on Friday 5th Jan, and invite as many friends, family and medical professionals as possible to join you.

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3 Responses to We Interrupt This Blog To Bring You….

  1. Hey there, Hope you and your lovely family are fine and happy, I met your husband in alexandria egypt about a month ago,
    He is a unique person and an amazing comedian, I hope to meet you guys again while you are in Egypt, Best of luck and Happy new year.

  2. Linda Gibson says:

    Hi I’m Carole’s college friend whose daughter has M.E. but her last relapse of 3 years wasn’t as bad as any of the people in the film Unrest. Whatever the degree of illness puts a strain on relationships which did come out in the film, but it didn’t touch on the financial side. Nicky had an awful time getting any benefit and had to summon up strength to go to get assessed when she should have been at home resting. It was a really moving film. I hope you keep well on your travels. Your blogs are so interesting to read. Linda

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