Waste vegetable oil has been donated by the following generous contributors:

South Africa
Kalky’s Fish and Chips, Kalk Bay, Cape Town: 1050L
(BioGreen, Cape Town: 400L bio-diesel)

Joe’s Beerhouse, Windhoek: 300L
Ocean Basket, Post St Mall, Windhoek: 100L
Mountain Eagle Spur, Maerua Mall, Windhoek: 60L
Pick’n’Pay, Auas Valley, Windhoek: 60L
Engen Service Station, Okahandja: 600L

L’Hotel Hippocampe, Brazzaville: 45L
Mercy Ship, Pointe Noire: 260L
ENI Club Petrolier, Pointe Noire: 110L
Derrick Restaurant, Pointe Noire: 70L
Twiga Restaurant, Pointe Noire: 50L
Pyramide Restaurant, Pointe Noire: 45L
Abri-Cotier Restaurant, Pointe Noire: 12L

L’Emir, Libreville: 10L
Chez Marco, Libreville: 20L
SIAT Gabon, Libreville: 200L Cuisin’ Or for Green Oil Swap with
Hotel Mvet Palace, Oyem: 5L

Hotel Tara Plage, Kribi: 5L
The Frenchy’s, Limbe: 8L
Hotel Seme Beach, Limbe: 12L
Saga Africa, Douala: 5L
Mediterranée, Douala: 8L
Bistro Latin, Douala: 5L

MacBite, Calabar: 5L
PRESCO PLC, Benin City: 900L

Shoprite, Accra Mall, Accra: 420L
Shoprite, Weija Mall, Accra: 100L
Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra: 175L
(Mayanar Holdings, Accra: 250L bio-diesel)

PA Rib House, Monrovia: 140L
RLJ Kendeja Resort and Villas, Monrovia: 240L
The Grand Royal Hotel, Monrovia: 340L

Senegal Casamance
La Paillote, Cap Skirring: 10L
Club Med, Cap Skirring: 20L

The Gambia
Coco Ocean Resort and Spa, Banjul: 50L
Ocean Bay Hotel, Banjul: 40L
Senegambia Hotel, Banjul: 40L
Kairaba Hotel, Banjul: 40L
Gambia Coral Beach Hotel, Banjul: 20L
Kombo Beach Hotel, Banjul: 20L
Sunset Beach Hotel, Banjul: 20L
Lemon Creek Resort, Banjul: 20L

Terrou-Bi Hotel, Dakar: 420L
Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar: 370L
King Fahd Palace Hotel, Dakar: 155L
Novotel Ibis Accor, Dakar: 80L

Chiringuito Colonia, Torre del Mar: 40L
The Town Frier, Puente don Manuel: 40L

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