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I started writing this blog the week before Christmas 2021. A month later, I abandoned it. I’d hit a brick wall. It wasn’t only because my Mom had a stroke just after New Year. Everything seemed to have skidded to … Continue reading

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Air conditioning

What a luxury is fresh air. We arrived at the beach, clambered out of the truck and took our dust-logged noses down to the sea to drink it in. This coast is called the Côte Sauvage for good reason: ‘sauvage’ … Continue reading

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Into the Heart of Markness

The border crossing into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was far easier than we had imagined. Thanks to the advice of our Belgian travelling colleagues Bram and Julie, we headed for Luvo, a much less busy option than Noqui … Continue reading

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A little loopy in Luanda

(In best Jesse from the Fast Show voice:) ‘This week we have been mostly driving.’ Benguela and Lobito were exciting cities to drive through, vibrant with super cool dudes on scooters and beautiful girls with Rihanna-red weaves. I wish I’d … Continue reading

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Just breathe, just be

On Sunday, after the ‘Desvio’, we got back on the highway and hit our first police roadblock. Hugo from PUMANGOL had told us exactly what to do. We flourished loads of photocopies in response to various demands and absolutely positively … Continue reading

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How the Good Luck Fairy got legless

Of all the petrol stations in all of Angola, we were lucky enough to stumble into Hugo’s. Still in shock from the sudden death of Mark’s Mum, we were looking for water. We had neglected to top up our tanks … Continue reading

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Preparing To Cross Over

Written on 22nd July When the lady in the dentist’s reception at Okahandja showed us our picture in Die Republikein newspaper on Friday, Sampson immediately bought a copy and went round all the restaurants in the vicinity asking for used … Continue reading

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Sandy Blue Elephants in Windhoek

Another country, another garage forecourt. We spent our first two days in Windhoek inside the vast premises of M + Z Motors in the Northern Industrial area. While it wasn’t the most restful of environments – they did think we … Continue reading

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Back in the Saddle

Well, our luck has definitely changed. As soon as we crossed the border into Namibia, we felt the force was with us! The dramatic change was first seen in the landscape. As we approached Noordoewer, only half an hour after … Continue reading

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Not So Bok* in Springbok

So we are running a sweepstake on how many breakdowns we will have between Cape Town and Tangiers. This is Number 1. Friday night, on our way to the Namibian border, when the exhaust brake jammed, black smoke was pouring … Continue reading

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