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“We Are Sahrawi”

On 16th June 2016, we made our 20th border crossing (thanks to entering Senegal twice around The Gambia) into our 19th and 20th countries. Officially, we were moving from Mauritania into Morocco. But as far as South Africa is concerned, … Continue reading

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Mauritania Curveballs

The edge of the Sahara in midsummer feels a bit like Jo’burg in midwinter: it’s really dry, cold at night and you start the day by piling on layers which you then have to strip off in the hot mid-afternoon. … Continue reading

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Sahara Routine

The Sahara was a big surprise. Before we left Dakar, we were bracing ourselves for two solid months crawling across the desert. We had packed in more food than at any time since we left South Africa in 2013. These … Continue reading

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Ripped Off in Rosso

This blog tells the story of the one time we got thoroughly ripped off at a border. After travelling through 18 African countries back to back, I thought I was pretty good at sussing out con artists by now, but … Continue reading

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Pop Goes the Wheel

Six months into the second leg of our journey, after more than 18 months on the road, everything is slowly but surely falling apart. Big Reg sat through two rainy seasons during his sojourn in Liberia; as a result of … Continue reading

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Truck Cats

This blog is especially for all the people, like me (prior to Mar Azul), who could never understand the internet’s obsession with cats. I’ve bundled up all the kitten stories and cyoot pics together so they can scoot right over this … Continue reading

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Carnaval Consolation Prize!

Flashback to Bissau At the Senegalese Embassy, the day after Carnaval, we were delighted to discover that their tourist visas are FREE! When the lovely bilingual Mohamed told us, Sampson and I threw our arms in the air and shouted … Continue reading

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