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Nile Riders

As I’ve said, the Sudanese were the loveliest people on the whole continent, and these next two blogs are dedicated to two of the kindest people we met in Khartoum… Continue reading

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DIY Water Traction Therapy or How I Hauled My Way Back from Severe ME

This one’s for my #pwME/POTS/EDS/Fibro/Lyme/MCAS/MCS and all the other ‘MUS’ A year ago, for Severe ME Day, I wrote about my apparently inexorable descent back to the severely disabled state I was in 25 years previously as a consequence of … Continue reading

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Egypt 2: Cairo or ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’

Right, well, what with the relapse brought on by Euro winter 2017 and other challenges, I’m now a full year behind telling our story. Please pray I am granted time and capacity to catch up with the blog and make … Continue reading

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Egypt 1: Alexandria or “Love Egyptians, Hate Egypt?”

I cannot explain the euphoria I felt sitting in the front seat of the taxi into the city of Alexandria at 2am. As we cruised down the long straight road between stretches of black water, even the lights bedecking the … Continue reading

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Not the Acropolis

On 30th Oct it was exactly one month before Ruby flew into Cairo to meet us, and the week’s to-do list was intimidating: collect the new carnet from the SA Embassy in Athens, book the Big Green Truck on a … Continue reading

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Of all the countries on the European continent we were due to pass through, I only had misgivings about Albania. Beyond vague inferences concerning Balkan ‘baddies’ in Hollywood movies, I could find for no logical reason for this sense of … Continue reading

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Turning the Corner

It’s been so long since I’ve posted a blog, not because I’ve been too lazy or too busy, but because I’ve been too unwell. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be more upfront and unapologetic about the effects … Continue reading

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