Africa Clockwise videos:

Saving Water With The Sampsons – #DefeatDayZero!
and the Outtakes

TRACTAFRIC and Africa Clockwise

TRACTAFRIC et Africa Clockwise en français

Two years in two minutes West Coast: SA to the Sahara

Dakar to Tangiers – across the Sahara

Senegal-Gambia-Senegal – our favourite bit so far

Guinea to Guinea-Bissau – the road to Foulamori

Guinea – a thank you show for the village of Dandaya

Sierra Leone – driving at walking pace into New Year 2016

Liberia – surfing in Monrovia and Robertsport

Africa Clockwise – the first year in three minutes

Liberia – the python in the garage

Côte d’Ivoire to Liberia – including ‘The Tipping’

Côte d’Ivoire – surfing in Grand Drewin

Cameroun – crossing the border to Nigeria

Congo – a spot of stand-up at the Conelta English language school in Pointe Noire

DRC 2 – crossing the Congo river

Democratic Republic of Congo 1 – driving round the city of Matadi

Angola 2 – driving through Luanda

Angola – driving dusty roads through grief

Namibia – our visit with the Environmental Club at the Deutsche Hohere Privatschule


Media clips:

Spotlight BBC Sept 2014

Top Billing SABC3 Nov 2012



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