Family Sampson and their Big Green Truck

Family Sampson and their Big Green Truck before leaving South Africa in July 2013

Africa Clockwise is the name of the epic journey stand-up comedian Mark Sampson, blogger Sam Pearce and their children are undertaking around the circumference of the continent in their Big Green Truck, fuelled by recycled waste vegetable oil and solar power.

We want to inspire others to:

  • Travel Africa
  • Think Green
  • Seize the Day
Family Sampson in Liberia at Christmas 2015

Family Sampson in Liberia at Christmas 2015

With our ecological clock ticking, the Sampsons are on a mission to investigate whether Africa can show the world how to cope with climate change. The journey in the Big Green Truck is ‘clockwise’ – both as a direction, and as an awareness: time now is crucial and we all need to wake up and take proactive steps to prepare for an environmentally compromised future.

Africa Clockwise is also a quest to discover whether it is possible for their kids to live happily without wifi or water on tap – like the majority of the continent’s children. A quest to investigate whether a future without fossil-fuelled luxuries may not be such a bad thing, helping us to focus on quality of life experiences, not quantity of possessions.

Family Sampson in Europe July 2017

Our positive stories aim to challenge clichéd images of the ‘overwhelming doom of global warming’ and ‘the dark continent’ and to hold hands out across Africa, spreading a message of connection and mutual support.

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21 Responses to Home

  1. dave knight says:

    mark you and your family are an inspiration boet…will be following you…enjoy the waves!

  2. Alan Schnider says:

    epic trip , gonna follow you. Look forward to doing something similar soon, before it’s tooo late.

  3. Hennie Kotze says:

    If we want to sponsor you with free GPS tracking and equipment, how do I contact you? The public will be able to follow your progress on our website, as well as on your own by making use of our API. See locat.co.za (we are already doing the same for the Cape Town 2 Dublin Red Cross Childrens’ Hospital Scooter drive)

  4. Thanks a million for this awesome offer Hennie! We would love to be getting the same tracking treatment as Chris Venter and his Scooter Addicts – email mark@africaclockwise.co.za.

  5. orele says:

    hi.i am orele the congolese girl.we meet to hippocampe.i love you

  6. Deva says:

    Like, the Tsitsikamma to Tataouine Expedition (http://www.t2tafrica.com/) that another team of South Africans is undertaking, I hope these journeys shift the global perception of Africa. Godspeed all!

  7. Hi Mrs. Sampson,
    I want to really appreciate your time and hospitality shown me and my friends today when we visited you and your family in your truck by the Drill Ranch in Calabar. I wish you God’s protection and God’s speed as you travel round Africa.
    Akonde A. Ebenezer
    Ledge Services Ltd

  8. Hi,
    i wil like to help you as a tour guide am in calabar cross river state nigeria.
    I saw you today at the national museum when you were about to go out of the museum.
    I was born and i grow up here in calabar cross river state. Am 20 years old of age, i like adventure tour like yours.
    This is my mobile phone number 2348066092199
    Hoping to hear/get a reply from you

  9. Ubi Obono says:

    Hi this is ubi The medical student you met during carnival calabar in Nigeria. I love you all will be following you

  10. Stéphane says:

    Hey guys !! Tractafric Gabon is not far…folowing your trip! Hope the best !! Stéphane / Mercedes dealer in Gabon

  11. archecotech says:

    Hello Mark,
    I love what you are doing and the reasons behind it. I’ve not been to Africa but suspect that I’ll learn a lot from following your blog. Getting right to the point I hope you don’t mind that I’ve done a pingback to your blog for my readers to find you and read about your journey.
    My journey has been a different one, I moved to Russia over 2 years ago to be with my new wife here. I started a blog to share about life in Russia. Then while blogging I started a section called mirror reflections, it’s a way for others to see that Russia isn’t the big bad wolf so to speak. It has become the center of my blog connecting cultures together allowing the to see the similarities we all share.
    If you are interested come take a look a hague6185.wordpress.com

  12. INCI says:

    Such a rewarding experience for the family and very interesting reading for us all.
    I hope you and the children had a super time in the UK celebrating your parents anniversary. Inci (travelled together to the UK from Casablanca).

  13. Gareth (Gaz) Faulkner says:

    Hi Mark

    Nice to meet you yesterday and share a few cold waves/close outs in the Bay (Newquay) ha ha ha, you was surfing with style and panache ; )

    Wow! what an amazing story and adventure, highlighting a global matter.
    Envious and humbled, I will stay tuned and wish you guys all the best.

    Gaz in Plymouth

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  15. mariam adams says:

    What w worthwhile ‘adventure’ which I will be following with great interest. Am very piques to know how u manage without ‘water on tap’ something us urbanites take for granted.
    But I’m interested how , NOT having a tv. Will influence the children especially. I’m sure they will become even more aware of their surroundings and become more perceptive human beings.

  16. mike Jankelowitz says:

    Hello Mark and family, I trust you are all well! have loved keeping up with your movements!
    Been a most wonderful thing what you have achieved! No doubt it will continue!
    Take Care a safe travels
    Warm Regards
    Mike Jankelowitz

  17. Doria says:

    Very interesting and adventurous! Must have been a great learning experience for the kids too!

  18. Ruby says:

    Mum, this website is truly amazing, and your writing leaves everyone, me included (although I was there!!) spellbound. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this blog, I will remember the great adventures we had and are having in full colour because of you, thank you.

  19. Si and Hills says:

    Following with interest. In the process of building a body for our Merc 1222.. The draw of Africa is something you can’t shake.. We’ll get back there one day! Safe travels guys and we are now following! Si and Hills (currently in The Barossa South Australia!) 🙂

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  21. Mark Ashraf says:

    Hey Mark it was really awesome meeting u today in EGYPT , really i would like to spend alot of time as i can with u , u have my contacts , just contact me , u r awesome and even from about spending 1 hours or less with u , i was so happy eager to learn and talk more , contact me ASAP before u leave Egypt ,

    With love

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