Family Sampson and Big Reg

Family Sampson and Big Reg 2013

The kitchen

The kitchen

Dining room/school house

The dining room

The en suite

The ‘en suite’

Our Big Green Truck is an old Mercedes 911 bullnose which once pulled heavy artillery through Angola and still had a gun turret when we bought it! We couldn’t really afford it, but Dietmar Frey kindly sold it to us for a song in 2010 because he wanted us to fulfill our dream.

Our Mercedes 911 when we first bought it in 2010

We recycled it, adding a bedroom for the kids over the nose cone and converting it from diesel to run on waste vegetable oil. We had already travelled more than 10000km around South Africa on used oil from Kalky’s fish and chip restaurant in Cape Town before setting off on our great adventure.

Treetops Renewable Energy Systems have provided us with 5 solar panels which give 30 amps power at 24v which we use an inverter to convert to 220v AC. Off this, we can run our fridge, lights, laptops and phones.

With thanks to the guys who made the mechanics happen: Martin Graham, Gert Nel, Rob Irvine, Ampie Holtzhausen, Johan Van Wyk, Jochi Gremels, Mike Van As from De Gama Motors, Hannes Anmar, Martin Pollack, Roger James, John Loubscher, Ben Ulric, Steve Joffe, Peter Stock, Pierrot Salaun and most of all, Maxwell Kuseni.

Pierrot, Sampson, Ulric, Roger with Maxwell and adoring friends at front

Pierrot, Sampson, Ulric, Roger with Maxwell and adoring friends at front

Special thanks to those companies who have assisted us with services and repairs to Big Reg en route:

Sandown Motors, Cape Town, South Africa

M&Z Commercial Motors, Windhoek, Namibia

Transfuel, Luanda, Angola

TECOR, Pointe Noire, Congo

Tractafric Motors, Douala, Cameroun

PRESCO PLC, Benin City, Nigeria

Silver Star Auto Ltd (a Tractafric partner), Accra, Ghana

Liberian Product Industry, San Pédro, Côte d’Ivoire

Alliance Motors (a Tractafric partner), Monrovia, Liberia

La Sénégalaise de l’Automobile (a Tractafric partner), Dakar, Senegal

Papi Maurice Bechelli, Le Rove, France

MCV Cairo and Luxor, Egypt

Farbest Auto Overlanders, Khartoum, Sudan

Orbit Trading, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

DT Dobie (CFAO), Mombasa, Kenya



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  1. Emma Von Benecke says:

    Hi we met you in Ghana at Dave’s

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